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EAST KALIMANTAN Land of Dayak Tribes East Kalimantan covers an area of 331,440 square km. Its low plaints are swampy and its river counted 161 so far and plays an important role in communications and economy. Scattered through the swamp area are 111 lakes and villages are linked by bridges. East Kalimantan main attraction is the culture of its Dayak Tribes who live in long house along the rivers which crisscross the province. The most scenic trips in East Kalimantan is up the Mahakam river. The people once believe to be head hunters live in remote areas and along the rivers maintaining their beliefs in the supernatural and ancestral worship. To explore this exciting adventure; we have design a special package programs for the adventurer, which we believe it will meet their kind interest.
Mahakam River Safari posted : 4/18/2006

Mahakam River Escapde posted : 4/18/2006