Diving Club

CENTRAL KALIMANTAN – Home of the Orang Utan’s Meet with one of the human’s closest living relatives in animal Kingdoms: Orang Utan’s (Pongo Pygmaeus), living freely in their natural habitat in Tanjung Putting National Park, Central Kalimantan. You will explore the quite river on a traditional boat to visit Camp Leakey – the rehabilitation station inside the park and having some short walk around the station. You will also have chance to dug-out canoeing near the lodge to watch the Proboscis “Pinocchio” Monkeys playing in trees on the riverbanks in the peaceful afternoon. Besides the Orang Utans, other species can be found in this park such as : Nasalis Larvatus – a big monkey which found only in Borneo, long tail Macaque (Macaca Fascicularis), Horn Bills, Kingfishers, Myna, and Oriental Darter and over 220 bird species. The list of fauna living in the park includes : Agile Gibbons (Hylobates Agilis), Gray Gibbon (Hylobalis Mulleri), Red Laef Monkey (Presbistis Rubicunda), Malayan Sun Bear (Helarcatus Malayanus), Wild Liger ( Sus Barbatus) and Estuarine Crocodile False Ghavial (Tmistoma Schlegelli). The rivers together with swamps and seasonal lake rookeries support the life of many species of fish that have very values in term of ecology and economy.
Orang Utans Expedition posted : 4/18/2006