SJO-1: Yogyakarta City Tour (3 hours)
This tour features some of the art and culture for which Yogyakarta is so famous – the Sultan’s palace, Sonobudoyo Museum, the Batik home industry, where the complete batik process may be seen and Kota Gede – famous for its silversmiths.

SJO-2: Prambanan Tour (3 hours)
A visit to the spectacular 9th century Hindu Temple complex – the Loro Jongrang at Prambanan, reputed to be the biggest and most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia, to admire the culture and craftsmanship of a thousand years ago. This tour also includes a visit to Kalasan and Sari temples in the nearby village.

SJO-3: Borobudur Tour (5 hours)
Perhaps the highlight of any visit to Yogyakarta is a trip to the magnificent Temple complex of Borobudur, where the world’s largest and most complete collection of Buddhist relief sculpture is presented in the walls of one of the world’s most famous temples. Built in the 8th century, the Borobudur Temple stands serenely on a hill, overlooking lush fields – the walls of its seven terraces covered in low-relief sculpture and extending over a total length of 3,5 miles – each with scene and individual masterpiece. On the way back to Yogyakarta, you will also visit the smaller Temples of Pawon and Mendut.

SJO-4: Surakarta Tour (6 hours)
Surakarta or Solo, generally considered being as rich in art and culturing as her sister city. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the Palaces of the two local Princes – Mangkunegaran and Kasunanan Palace, with their priceless collections of jewellery, bronzes and antiques. Also includes a visit to Prambanan temple and the local batik factory.

SJO-5: Dieng Plateau Tour (10 hours)
This tour includes some of the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia. On arrival at the plateau, a very strange sight indeed in store, for here, in the heart of Central Java, are some of the island’s oldest Hindu temples – 40 small monuments no more than 50-feet high – standing among the misty sulfur fumes on the crater of a still active volcano. The road to the Dieng plateau passes through tobacco plantations and beautiful mountain scenery. Lunch is included.

SJO-6: Candi Sukuh & Sangiran Tour (7 hours)
Drive eastwards to Solo and further north to Sukuh Temple – known as an erotic temple of Java. Candi Sukuh built like a Maya stepped Pyramid and is believe to have been built at the time when the glory of Majaphit Empire was already waning. Then on to Sangiran – the fossil land of pre-historic living things. Here you will see some example of the fossils of Phitecantropus Erectus – known as the oldest Java man. Lunch is included.