SSU-1: Surabaya City Tour (3 hours)
Highlights of this tour around the city include the Heroes Monument, built to honour those who fell in the Battle of Surabaya during Indonesia’s fight for independence, the Jokodolok Statue and the picturesque Madurese schooners in busy Kalimas harbor. Also include a visit to the Kayoon flower market and the Zoo, regarded as the most complete in South-East Asia, where more than 500 species include the Komodo dragon lizard as well as Orang Utans and Mongolian bears.

SSU-2: Bromo Crater Tour (12 hours)
After midnight, departure for Mt. Bromo, to watch the breathtaking sunrise over the crest of this still active volcano. The trip involves a 3-hour drive to Cemoro lawang, a village at the foot of the mountain, then pony ride across an incredible sea of sand. Breakfast will be served in the hotel nearby. (Breakfast included).

SSU-3: Malang Tour (8 hours)
Between the 10th and the 15th centuries Malang was the center of region ruled by Hindhu Kingdoms, and the surroundings countryside is scattered with temples from this period. One of them, to which a visit is made, is the Temple complex, a Shiva shrine built around 1300, and the most imposing monument left by the Singosari Dynasty. This city is also known as the old colonial “Retirement City” with its interesting places like Ijen Boulevard and ceramic home industry. (Lunch included).

SSU-4: Bull Race Tour (8 hours)
The “Karapan”, held occasionally – from August to early October at Bangkalan on Madura Island, is the scene of spectacular bull races. You will see the very courage jockey pulls down a pair of bull’s tails and drives them to run straight and fast – and bumps in quick for balance. The noisy and loud voice of the crowd’s waves endlessly as racing is on and traditional music instruments pumping up till the finishing race. (Lunch included).

SSU-5: Madura Island Tour (8 hours)
This is whole day tour, which cover the unspoiled Madura Island. The tour drives through northern coast and back to Surabaya through the southern one with some blue indigenous beaches and rural villages. En route pass Tanjung Bumi popular for its traditional Madurese Batik making process, fishing village with its colorful traditional wooden boats, and beautiful Slopeng beach, Sumenep most aristocratic town in the whole island with its picturesque grand mosque and vast of salt plants. (Lunch included).

SSU-6: Rural Village and Safari Park Tour (8 hours)
This is a tour covering of walking around the countryside by the side of vast verdant terraced rice fields, rural settlements and streams. And then short hike to an old spring temple of the 11th century, of which the water is still used by the local for indigenous rituals, and a visit to PPLH (Environmental Education Center). Then continue to Safari Park which houses some interesting animal collection from Asia, Africa and America continents such as Bears, Lions, Tigers, Orang Utans, Crocodiles, Zebras, Elephants, Camel and many others. (Lunch included).

SSU-7: Archeological Tour (8 hours)
A full-day tour to Trowulan village as the site of the 15th century lasts Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia as well as the greatest empire Indonesia ever had – the Majapahit Kingdom. The observation include the Museum which houses many beautiful terracotta ornaments, pottery, stone carving, ceramic of Chinese heritages, beautiful Vishnu portrait sculpture mounting a mythical Garuda bird, Bajang Ratu temple and Weringin Lawang – the entry gate of the temple, Candi Tikus – the Royal bathing place. On the way to Surabaya,the drive pass through beautiful countryside and terraced rice fields. (Lunch included).